Cassava Leaves Sauce (Palava Sauce)

The smile on my son’s face when he got home last Friday and saw a pot of Cassava Sauce simmering on the stove was unbelievable.  This sauce is made once every two years in my house.  Not that I can’t cook it every Saturday, but the fact that I have not been able to evaluate the nutritional facts remains a deterrent for me especially going with the amount of peanut butter, palm oil and other ingredients in it. It is a also a call for me to skip all diets and eat rice every day when I get home from work.  Cassava sauce is synonymous to Liberians and  Sierra Leoneans.  I am not sure Nigerians have mastered the act of the food yet, but having the flare of eating any kind of food, I go in search of things that are not Nigerian.  Here is one of the best sauces ever created for Jasmine Rice.


Cow or goat meat (quantity is your choice)

Hard Chicken (hen)

3 big dryfish

3 cups of grounded crayfish

3 fresh mackerel fish (roasted or broiled)

3 put of peanut butter

2 big onions (chopped) (half for steaming the meat)

5 Fresh Hot pepper to cook the meats

Salt and seasoning to taste.

If the prepared leaves are not readily available to you like in my own case (I buy from African or Asian stores), you can prep the leave by doing this process. Removing the leaves from the stems, place in a bowl and pour boiling hot water over it. After 3 minutes, remove from the water, squeeze remaining water from the leaves and pound in a mortar or shred in the food processor.

Next, add the leaves in a big pot and pour 5 cups of water (depending on the quantity of the cassava leaves), allow to cook. In the meantime, cook the meats, chicken and dryfish with onions, your preferred seasoning (I use Adobe Seasoning), salt and pepper in another pot, after 20 of the cassava leaves boiling, add chopped onions, and peanut butter. Allow to cook for 10 minutes, then add palm oil and crayfish, then stir together. Then debone the roasted or broiled mackerel and break them into pieces and add to the pot, allow to cook for 30 minutes or more on low heat, and serve over hot Jasmine rice.