Chicken Salad

Though this recipe is coming after a long time being away from posting here, I just wanted you all to know that I am well and still care about bringing you innovative recipes, but job travels and mountains of work has kept me away and not allowed me to write for the blog. I love my fans and they love my recipes, so I promise, I won’t be away this long again. Perhaps, you can consider this for the love of the young ones in your life that you pack daily lunch for, try making this delicious chicken salad for them. My son said to me, “mom, Costco got nothing on you, this chicken salad is the bomb”. I agreed completely because I used to buy chicken salad from Costco and could not eat it after the first day. This homemade one has kept fresh after two weeks and he still can’t get over it. Then he told me that my sandwiches has made a name for me in his school, imagine such compliments from your teenage son. I am sheepishly smiling from ear to ear for the love showered by my teen son. So let’s get cooking….

6 pieces of Fresh chicken breast
1/2 tablespoon Black pepper
1/2 tablespoon Celery salt or kosher salt
1 tablespoonPowdered onions
1 Red onions
1 bunch Fresh celery
1 cup Mayonnaise

Mix the first 4 ingredients together, add to the pressure cooker and cook on chicken setting. Remove and use the food processor with the shredder to shred the chicken, move to a mixing bowl, add the mayonnaise and mix together, shred half of the celery and add to the bowl, chop the onions and the remaining celery and add to the bowl and mix all together, you can add more mayonnaise if you want to. Pack in a tight containers and put away in the refrigerator. Serve on a sandwich bread or bed of salad vegetables.


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