Ofe Owerri

I wasn’t even in the mood to cook but my day as always has to be fulfilled and one of the things that make me happy is putting my fine touches to food.  So before my departure few weeks ago to Africa, I decided I was going to make my family a sumptuous soup to enjoy for mother’s day since I was going to be away.  To me mother’s day involves getting spoilt and spoiling the people who gave you the right to bring them into the world to be called a mother.  Ofe Owerri is all about how rich or poor you are in Owerri clan.  The variety of meats and stockfish depicts your love also to your guests. Again, I present another Owerri Soup.


Goat meat (optional)

Shaki (beef tripe tripe )

Beef (optional)

Dry fish Snail (optional) Stock Fish is not optional in this soup, if you don’t have it, don’t even try making Ofe Owerri Ukazi leave sliced (half cup)

Uha leave sliced (half cup)

Spinach shreaded (you can use ugu) Cryfish Ngolo Ata rodo or Cameroun pepper


Palm oil

Okpei ogiri

Cook the stock fish with pepper, salt, ogiri, and set aside. Cook the meats, dry fish, Ngolo and snail, I cook them separately, spicing each with enough onions, pepper, salt and ogiri, then drain them from their broth and add together, check the amount of the broth and make sure your don’t need to add more water and if you need to, add it at this time and set back on the heat to boil out.  Mix Achi with crayfish to avoid lumps in the soup, add to the soup an allow to cook until the entire Achi has melted and the soup is thick enough and well mixed, at this point add all the cooked meat, snail, stock fish and Ngolo to the soup and stir.  Now blend more crayfish together with the Okpei and add to the soup, taste for salt, and pepper. If you need to add more, do so.  Allow to cook through. Then rinse the vegetables and add them to the soup, stir, remove from heat after one minute. Serve with any swallow of your choice.